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Updated - 7/5/13

Welcome !!

 Yes, welcome to the Kansas Karting Scene. For those who do not know me, my name is Bob Curtis. I reside in Winfield, Kansas. I have been in the kart racing for over 40 years. I have raced speedway dirt karts, champ karts, asphalt sprint karts. Most of my support the past 20 years have been at Wellington and Winfield. Besides competiting as a driver, I have also spent very much time on the other side of the fence, as an official, including: flagman, scorer, scales, race director. I have also had the prevlige of being the President of two major kart clubs, the Cowley County Kart Club (twice) and the Southern Kansas Karting Association. 

 My home track is the Winfield Fairgrounds Speedway. The current WFS was built in the spring of 2004 and had held kart racing events up until this 2013 race season. The track a 1/5 mile red clay oval with simi banked corners, a large pit area with very excellent lighting. Throughout the years some of the midwest's biggest events have been held including the WKA Midwest Grandnationals, the Heartland KART Grandnationals, the Pro Kart Series, and the SKKS series.  For 2011 and 2012, Jim Gibbs operated the track with the help of some of the Wheatland Karting Association's officials. But, for the current 2013 season, Jim decided that it was time for him to set aside the operations of the track so he could spend more time with his business's. 

 Having the nice facility of Wordan Park Speedway at Wellington is a real gift for all of us racers. But to have yet another fine facility with in less than 30 miles from the first, is just unthinkable. We need to get the Winfield track back up and operating. Most likely, it is probally to late to get it operating for this season. But with some orgainization, and a little work, there should be no reason why it could'nt be back in operation come the spring of 2014.

 My original idea was to find enough people to form a club to operate the track. But after posting on, the Kansas Karting Forum, and on Facebook, only one person has stepped up showing interest and that party is from Winfield. So, I have decided to pursue on and to try and operate the track as it has been in the past as a non-club promotion. As for the track and facility, everything is still intact. What is needed to operate the track, is some equipment such as a water wagon/or truck, and some type of a tractor . There is a pull behind blade and a couple of rollers. Also needed are radio's and scales (we have pad/ramp). The biggest item lacking is a water tank/wagon. Most of these items could be obtained by "some one knowing some oneone", and/or by fund raising, and sponsors.


 I have two individuals who are already behind me. I also have some friends who have showed interset in helping out at the track for race events. If there is any one who reads this who would like to come on board please get ahold of me. The option of a club will be still be open for a while if interest develops.


 As for classes, rules, scheduling, ect - I want to keep uniformed with the Wheatland Karting Association as much as possible. The whole idea is for all racers to, as before this year, to have the oppurtunity to race/compete at two different tracks. For local track races there may be some different ways we will do things, but overall, atleast the class rules need to stay the same. I am also open for ideas. So if do have a suggestion, please forward to me.